Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back in the saddle

Since the weather has gotten a bit cooler (ha! Cooler means 90s instead of 100s. It's still not cool.) Kate and I have been taking the bike to a lot of various engagements around town. To play group at Meredith's, to South Austin, to the pool. Most trips are less than 30 minutes (although Meredith's is about 40). We were doing it really regularly before I got sick about 2 weeks ago. But I hadn't tackled the ride up to the bike shop yet. It's farther, 13 miles each way, and involves crossing three highways. Today was the day.

We had Kindermusik class about half way, so the trip up there was nicely broken up and the second half was timed with Kate's nap. We found some less busy routes (although more hilly) and it was a good ride. I felt more comfortable with the few busy intersections than I expected. I did think that she would get cranky on the return trip since it would be longer than we normally go and I didn't expect her to nap the whole time.

But she was great. She slept for a lot of it, but after waking up she just drank her water, looked at her book and yabbered to me. It took us about 1.5 hours (which included a brief visit with Sheila and Jason) and she was happy the whole time. It's great to know she can be happy for that long in the trailer. And if we ride up there once or twice a week, it will do a lot to get me back into racing shape.

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