Saturday, September 20, 2008

Boston, Friday report

Yesterday was our first full day in Boston and full it was. We started the day with breakfast at Rebecca's house and then headed to the train to go downtown. We got off at Government Center and walked to the aquarium. The aquarium was great. It's a perfect size - not too big. The penguins greet you when you enter, and Kate loved watching them swim around. Kate fell asleep about 1/2 hr in after some serious fussiness and after being scared by a big grouper in the big tank. She managed to sleep for almost 1.5 hours as Rebecca and I slowly wandered the rest of the aquarium.

That was followed by lunch at Legal Seafood where I had chowder and Kate charmed all the tables around us with her waving and french fry showing.

We walked from there to Boston Commons where we sat on the grass and watched the people wandering through. From there we went the Public Garden to feed the ducks. We found out later (when we finally saw a sign) that you're not supposed to feed the ducks. But they have clearly been fed before. It was like a scene out of a horror movie - once we started throwing crackers in, we looked up and from every corner of the pond the ducks were heading for us. Kind of creepy. But Kate loved it.

We finally got back on the train and headed home. We went to their favourite local restaurant, Za, for excellent pizza and delicious beet salad. The day was topped off by a view of fireworks - Kate's first - before heading home to bed.

A tiring, good first day.

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DrRuth said...

I love Boston too. Josh and I's perfect day involved a ride on the T to the science museum and seeing the huge lightning generator. Probably Kate needs to wait a few more years to appreciate that. It would probably just be scarey at the moment.