Friday, September 26, 2008

Boston, the rest of the trip

On Saturday, we started the day with delicious French Toast for breakfast before heading out for a hike with Jeff's dog, Lego. It was beautiful - the forest is the same as in Ontario so it felt like home. After a failed attempt at a nap at the house for Kate, we headed out for a quick errand before going apple picking.

This was very different than the pick-you-own places that we grew up with in Niagara. This was an event. A destination. And it was fun. We tried all the varieties and filled our bag with apples. Yum. There was also a hay ride (which we didn't do) and a petting zoo with goats, rabbits and pigs. Kate loved watching the goats.

On Sunday we had a plan to go to the Institute of Contemporary Art, but didn't get an early enough start to the day, so we ended up going downtown for some lunch and wandering around before making it to our scheduled Duck Tour. I love duck tours and have done them in Austin (twice) and Seattle. The one in Boston didn't disappoint. We went by many of the historic sites downtown and then splashed into the Charles River for a putt around. It was perfect weather, Kate loved being on the water, and it was fun for all of us.

Those are the really brief highlights of the trip. I would definitely like to go back and do more poking around. Boston is a cool city, and I feel like I got a good overview and would know what to go back and spend more time on next time I'm there. Thanks to Rebecca and Jeff for hosting us and showing us around!


cheri said...

love the pumpkins

jannie said...

If you, beth, are not shrinking - that 'little' Kate is really growing!! She is getting to be so big. LOVE her irresistable smile! Love your pics. And Love Kate's sitting amidst the pumpkins. She is still my favourite one.