Thursday, September 11, 2008

We like Ike

Perhaps people are wondering what is going on with approaching Hurricane Ike. Well, so are we. A few days ago it looked like it was going to come right through here, and even though we are well inland, it would still be a pretty serious storm when it got here. But now it looks like it's going to the east and Houston is going to get smacked. At this point, we're really just hoping to get some rain. They are saying we will - 100% on Saturday and some good wind forecasted.

I'll be really disappointed if it doesn't rain. Really really. And I'm hoping for some good storm action. And I'm glad we don't live in Houston.

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jannie said...

I also hope, with all my heart that you get rain, lots of it! You both need and deserve it. According to the weather report, and map -it looks like we, here in S. Ontario will even get rain from Ike. The other thing coming in the Ike package is a 13 - 15 cent / litre jump in the cost of gas! Overnight - in less than 6hrs.
We will all feel Ike, in one way or another. Enjoy