Monday, November 12, 2007

12 weeks

Kate has had a bit of a growth spurt this past week. Observe:

Serious pudge. She's also gotten longer though, which is equally amazing to me. We don't have a scale to find out how much she weighs, but trust me that when you are walking around with her for any length of time that your arms feel like they are going to drop off.

She's getting smiley, which we totally love. And stronger - she holds her head up very well and kicks and wiggles when she's happy. We pulled out the play mat, and she happily lays there and looks at the dangling toys. It's nice, because it give me a few minutes to clean up the kitchen or make some lunch. Or, gasp, shower.


Karen said...

Holy thighs.

Jannie said...

She is gorgeous, absolutely yummy. Even in the past 2 weeks I can see she has grown. I love her eyes, her mouth, her face, her looks. She is just darling. Not sure I can wait another 2 whole months to hold her?
and give her parents hugs too. What a darling 'little' tiger she is!!! L-O-V-E y'all.