Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kate and family

I'm a bit behind on posting some photos of Kate with various family members. This is the first installment.

Kate and her Grandpa, from the visit to Toronto:

Kate and her Aunt Jill. Unfortunately, it's not the most flattering picture of Jill. Jill had a method of swinging Kate that would calm her nearly instantly. Although, even just a cuddle and walking around with Jill seemed to work. Jill has a bit of baby whisperer in her, apparently.

Kate and her Uncle Jonathan. It took until the second last day of their visit for Jonathan to pick her up. She really liked him.

And finally, Kate and me, from the wedding weekend. Marlene informed me that people want to see pictures of the two of us, not just Kate. I think you mostly want to see Kate, but whatever. Here we are.


Jannie said...

Yes, I agree with Marlene.
This is one fabulous photo!!!

Karen said...

That really is a great photo of the two of you. And I agree about Jill - she was amazing with Emily when she stayed with us last time and Emily totally loved her.

Anonymous said...

Yes, mom, thanks for the great photo. It's certainly the best one of beth and kate.