Sunday, November 18, 2007

We love fat babies

More proof of the pudge:

I took a knitting class a month or so ago. Here is my first hat, and first project with knitting in the round:


Anonymous said...

Nice hat! I'm impressed!

Karen said...

When John saw the second photo from across the room, he said: "What is that? Is that a baby?" hahahaha. Seriously, she has total Sumo butt. It ain't right.

That hat is beautiful. It gives me hope that I'll have a chance at this whole knitting thing. Very impressed! I love the colour too.

little b said...

I was thinking John would say something about the length of her crack, which is rather long. clearly, she is a reyburn. although, i personally think i have a normal crack.

perhaps not a discussion for blog comments.

little b said...

oh, and the hat wasn't that difficult. have you taken your knitting lessons yet?

Karen said...

I'll have to tell John about the crack thing.

I don't start my lessons until January but apparently we'll be knitting a hat and a scarf. Can't wait!