Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Success #1

Today Kate and I went to the Social Security office to get a replacement card for me. I need one because my New Mexico driver's licence is going to expire in less than a month and you need proof of a SSN to get a Texas licence. So, off we went armed with tales of three hour waits. Knowing we could be there awhile, I was ready. I had water and snacks for me, toys, clothes and diapers for Kate, and my knitting. Kate nursed when we got there, then was fussy for awhile until she fell asleep. It was then that the miraculous occurred. She stayed asleep when I transferred her to her car seat. I was able to knit while she slept. Knitting, it turns out, is the perfect activity for waiting. It's better than reading, since there was lots of noise and conversations around which would be a distraction from reading. The wait ended up being 1.5 hours, which if you're ready for 3, isn't so bad.

Next: driver's licence office.

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