Saturday, November 24, 2007

Weekend photos

I guess they aren't really weekend photos, since they are from Friday. Thursday was American Thanksgiving. I really love thanksgiving, and it is even more of a family holiday here than in Canada. It seems like everyone loves Turkey Day, and there is a definitely spirit of celebration in the air. People are generous and happy, or so it seems. We went to Howard and Laura Sue's house and celebrated with a great meal and football. We watch football once a year, on Thanksgiving. Well, twice actually, because we watch on both Thursday and Friday. On Friday we went to Sheryl and Jonathan's to watch the UT game and eat leftovers. Yum.

And we still have two more days of the weekend. Yay!


Karen said...

That last one: is the the obligatory Sears photo?

little b said...

it totally is a sears pose, eh? i've always thought that pose was ridiculous.

Karen said...

John always makes fun of the Sears pose. It is very ridiculous. however, Kate's Sears pose is great because it's natural and therefore hilarious.