Sunday, November 4, 2007

Travel report

Yesterday we flew to Toronto, with two flight legs to get here. We had a quick hop to Dallas before the longer flight to Toronto. Kate was amazing on both flights. On the descent to Dallas she cried a bit as the pressure changed. I tried to nurse her, but she didn't want any. Oh, and we had a total diaper blowout that required a full waredrobe change. It should have required a waredrobe change for me as well, but I hadn't packed a clean pair of pants. That's all I'll say about that.

The flight to Toronto was even better. She only squaked a few times, and we managed the diaper situation much better (the problem on the Dallas flight is that it's so short that you don't get to leave your seat). She slept through the descent without a peep. She then stayed asleep through getting the rental car, being loaded into her carseat and driving to the CN tower to meet some friends who will also be at the wedding today.

And after all of that, she slept for nearly 9 hours straight last night. I expected with the new sleeping arrangments that we woudl have a rough night. She proved me totally wrong.

Now I'm hoping she'll be an angel through the wedding today. I brought my camera but I think I forgot the card reader (I can only manage keeping track of so much, and the amount of stuff we had to bring for four days was crazy. A baby needs a lot of shit. And produces a lot of it too.) Anyway, photos will follow when we get home.


Karen said...

I'm so glad that the flights went so well, and that she still slept amazingly well when you got there. Want to trade babies?

Jonathan said...

Yeah, all though baby accessories are why people take car trips the first few years, IMHO.