Thursday, July 19, 2007

32 weeks

32 weeks. I'm feeling really good, and I'm enjoying being pregnant. She continues to be really active and wiggly, and I continue to have occasional heartburn. Otherwise, not much to report. Instead this week, a real, true belly shot. Unfortunately, I had to do it with the flash off so it's not totally in focus. I'll get Graeme to take some for next week.

This week:
- She is up to 3.75 pounds (1702gm) now and is 16.7 inches (42.4cm) long.
- All five senses are working.
- Toenails are completely formed.
- Hair on your infant's head continues to grow in.
- Brain scans have shown that babies have periods of dream sleep (REM) starting around the eight month.


Jonathan said...

You somehow look different. i can't put my finger on it.

ada said...

i'll leave a comment! gorgeous photo, beth. you look wonderful.