Monday, July 16, 2007

Cottage pictures - first week

Our first week in Ontario was spent at Graeme's cottage on Lake Roseau. I didn't take very many pictures, unfortunately. All the pictures that I did take were during one of our many boat rides. Jonathan, Graeme's brother, built a launch for their dad. It's a cruising boat powered by an electric motor, which makes for a nice quiet ride. We went for a boat ride most evenings and it was very lovely. We even took the boat in for ice cream one evening, and another day (when Karen and the kids were visiting) we went and did errands by boat.

Graeme's dad, Mark:

Graeme, Erika and I:

Graeme and his mom, Jannie:


Sheryl said...

I love doing things by boat, it's my favorite way to travel.

Anonymous said...

And the Uuuuu-GLYYY blue cottage in the background (c;

ada said...

beautiful photos, beth. even though i'm so close to the gorgeous pacific here, they make me miss the loveliness of ontario cottage-country...