Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More from Telluride

I'm having a very lazy day today. I went for a hike up on the ski hill yesterday, and I must have pulled a ligament or muscle, because I've had some sharp pains in my lower right belly since late afternoon yesterday. I called the midwives this morning, and they said it definitely sounded like I pulled something. She told me to take it easy today, and that it's time to start moving slowly and carefully now that we're really into the loosening stage. It's really easy to get injured now, as I've learned.

It's not a bad day to be lazy. There is thunder rumbling all over the valley, although it hasn't rained much yet. The bathtub at our hotel is great, so I'm going to go have a bath.

I did take some pictures yesterday, but the connection here is too slow to try to upload them to blogger.

Tomorrow is our last full day in Telluride, so I'm hoping I'm feeling a bit better so I can go for a (slow, easy) hike.

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Sheryl said...

This is the part of the pregnancy that has the potential to drive you nut if you let it... the part where you have to move slowly :-)