Friday, July 13, 2007

Shower at the cottage

Actually, we don't have a shower at the cottage, nor a bathtub. If you want to get clean, you have to go in the lake or do the sponge bath thing in the sink. And it was a bit chilly, so to be honest, I wasn't very clean that week. But I wasn't referring to that. I was referring to a baby shower that Karen organized for us.

It was great fun, and we had a good turn out. Graeme's mom's side of the family was the best represented, with all of the aunties being there. The food was great, the bocce was competitive and we got great gifts! Thanks to everyone who came. It was a really good day. And huge thanks to Karen for organizing it.

The food:

The aunties playing bocce:

The competitive bocce game:

Amazingly, after rain all morning, we had dry weather while everyone was there except for a few light sprinkles while opening gifts. Even so, people automatically are drawn to the porch:


fatwonkkid said...

mmm...that food looks tasty

jonathan said...

That looks like a fun time.