Monday, January 19, 2009


Tomorrow is inauguration day when we finally say goodbye to the worst president in US history. Even though I'm not american, I live here and am affected by government policies. It's been hard to live here the last eight years, but I'm hopeful that it's going to get better. At least now it won't be embarrassing.

Tomorrow we'll be celebrating over brunch with friends. The champagne is already chilling.

This small paragraph in a New York Times article today made me excited all over again:
"On Tuesday, as the inauguration and inaugural parade occupy much of the heart of the day, workers will be moving the Bushes out of the White House and the Obamas in..."

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Erika said...

And what an inauguration it was! Nice speech Obama! (is it apt that the word verification below is "thend" - like "the end"?)