Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend recap

Here we are at the end of the weekend, and we're all exhausted. This weekend could either be summarized by 'Beth's return to racing', or as it will probably be remembered 'vomitfest 2009'.

I got a call from Graeme about 10 hours into the race while we were out on a mountain bike leg. Kate was sick, which we knew was a possibility because on Friday one of the kids at co-op was sick. I had told Graeme that I would keep my phone with me in case anything happened. We finished that leg of the race and then I came home, leaving my team to finish the race without me (and officially unranked because of it).

It was the right decision. Kate has been sick all day and until just before bed she couldn't keep anything down. (She kept down two bites of banana and some breast milk before falling asleep.) We have done countless loads of laundry today, had multiple baths and showers and have probably used two weeks worth of water today.

Kate, of course, is feeling very crappy. She has no energy, just wants to be held, and is very quiet. Since I only got four hours of sleep last night, and she was so tired, we spent most of today like this:

The race, what there was of it, was good. I felt a lot better and more prepared than I expected. I think I would have been fine to continue to the end. I'm sore today, but it was all much better than I thought. And it was great to be back, even though it was very cold and somewhat miserable due to that. I'm hoping to do some of the shorter races later in the spring. It was good to be back.


Karen said...

That totally sucks about Kate. And the race too although great that you felt as good as you did while racing. I hope Kate is better today. If you're still having trouble keeping stuff in her, get some gravol suppositories. Hope had a flu like that around the same age and couldn't even keep water down. The gravol suppositories cured the problem.

Erika said...

Sounds like a bummer... but boy are the two of you cute resting like that!

Jocelyn said...

Poor Kate!! I hope she heals up soon. Hopefully she'll keep the liquids down at least soon! I would never have doubted you'd be in anything but super racing shape! It won't be vomit-fest every race.

jannie said...

Besides that photo being VERY dear of you two,
it is positively precious as neither of you are the 'lying on the couch' sorts!! Ever!!.