Sunday, January 11, 2009

A fun day

Yesterday I suggested that we go to the zoo- an excursion we've done a few times lately. The Austin zoo is very small and has rescued animals, so it's not a fancy zoo like the one we loved in Seattle, or some of the other big zoos around the country. But it's not too far away, and it's ok. But then I had a crazy thought. We could drive down to San Antonio to their zoo, which is a good fancy one with lovely enclosures for the animals. Kate could nap on the way there, we could listen to NPR podcasts and everyone would be happy.

That's just what happened. Kate slept the 1:20 it took to get there, we listened to 'This American Life' and then we saw about half the zoo. It is a good zoo, although Kate mostly loved splashing in the Koi pond. That's not because she didn't like the other animals, but because it was water - her favourite thing.

Unfortunately I forgot the camera, which is too bad because it was great. Kate was waving at the animals and saying 'hi' to them and gasping when she spotted something like a swinging monkey. It was really fun, and except for the meltdown on the drive home after dinner, it was a really great afternoon. We decided to buy a membership because we know we'll be going back at least a few times a year.


Erika said...

That sounds AWESOME!!! Wish I could have come (C: (and yes... definitely pictures next time please -- tee hee)

Jennifer Harris said...

Don't know if you made it this far, but there's an awesome little kids discovery area at the SA Zoo. They have all kinds of fun things for toddlers, including a mini river for them to wade in and a great prarie dog exhibit. You also need to ride the train across the road. And there are a number of great restaurants in that area we can recommend.