Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A list

I just posted a note on Facebook because I'd been tagged by a number of people. It's a meme, and although I put it off for a couple of days, when I sat down to do it, I thought it was quite fun. I tried not to overthink it or try to make myself sound clever or interesting or whatever. Just posted what came to mind.

So, here is it. May as well get a post out of it here too, right?

25 random things about me:
1. I've worn glasses since I was 8 years old. My eyesight is terrible.

2. But I have excellent teeth. They have been described by more than one dentist as 'perfect'.

3. I change my hair colour every few months. I'm no longer fond of it's natural colour. Too boring.

4. I am completely in love with my daughter, Kate.

5. I am also completely in love with my husband, Graeme.

6. Graeme and I met in high school, have been together for 17 years and married for almost 10.

7. I love cookies.

8. I was bitten by a Canada Goose when I was a toddler. I'm still kind of scared of them.

9. I can wear children's shoes.

10. I think smile lines are a sign of a successful life.

11. I'm an excellent cook and baker.

12. I am incapable of following a recipe when I cook. But I can when I'm baking.

13. I'm agnostic. Maybe.

14. I love love love mountain biking.

15. Before having Kate, I competed in endurance mountain biking and adventure racing. I've just started getting back into it. I may never been as into it as I was, and I'm ok with that.

16. I knit.

17. I'm not as tall as I think I am.

18. My favourite book is "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek" by Annie Dillard.

19. I'm Canadian, through and through.

20. I could eat the same thing for breakfast every single day - granola with yogurt and fruit.

21. Tea. While there is tea, there is hope.

22. I have a very poor memory of my childhood. My sister's is much better, and I wish I remembered more. I'm not sure why I don't.

23. I adore my sister.

24. I miss my mum. She died four years ago.

25. I'm very generous. I get it from my mum.


ada said...

I love your list.
I just had this vivid memory of your breakfasts on Erb Street-- huge bowl of rice, piled with fruit and yoghurt and milk. Still now, that strikes me as one of the coziest ways to start the morning...

Heather said...

There's something to be said for not overthinking it. I must admit I got sucked in and spent way too much time on mine. Oh well, it was fun.

Also, I have to say: rice, fruit, yogurt, and milk? Is there a name for that? Very intriguing. I can't conjure up what that would taste like, but I bet it's good.