Sunday, January 4, 2009

New hat

Winter (as we know it) returned to Austin today after very warm temperatures yesterday. Fortunately, I just finished making Kate a new hat:

(coming soon: family pics)


Chris said...

Beautiful hat! Corinne's been out of commission with an injury and has been knitting a lot, but no hats quite yet.

Karen said...

That's beautiful. Where did you find the pattern? Ravelry?

jannie said...

An Absolutely gorgeous hat! It's not just the flower
that makes it, but the SIZE of it!! Definitely makes a
statement. Good work - and SSoo cute.
MISS you already.

little b said...

I got the pattern from the 'Itty Bitty Hats' book. It's the felted flower hat, but I didn't felt the flower because I liked the look of it. I also didn't put the bobbles in the middle, because again, I liked it this way.

cheri said...

i love it. and Kate looks beautiful.

Mel & Scott said...

Okay - that's impressive. beautiful hat.