Monday, January 12, 2009

Fool me once...

One afternoon last week, I decided Kate needed some naked time, so I took off her clothes and diaper to let her wander around. She waddled to the coffee table, and within a minute of having her diaper off, she peed on the floor. While I was cleaning up around her feet, she peed a second time. Erika carried her off to the bathtub while I cleaned up the floor.

No point in putting a diaper on at that point, right? She's already gone pee, we'll be safe for awhile.

Within one minute of being back out in the living room, post clean up, and she peed a third time. Again, to the bath with Erika while I cleaned the floor.

Now we're definitely safe. There is no way she could pee again.

Another minute, more pee. She seemed to realize it was a game and that peeing meant a trip to the bathtub. But this time, we learned. Diaper on. We're a bit slow sometimes.


Karen said...

She a smart little bugger, that one.

Pretty funny too.

jannie said...

That girl will do ANYTHING to get herself to water!
She's too funny.