Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I feel blech today. I've been super tired, have a headache and although I feel a bit hungry, nothing sounds at all appetizing. I came home from work early and had a cup of hot chocolate (we're having a rainy day, so it seemed appropriate) and reading a bit. It's also the third day in a row without exercise, which always makes me feel gross, even when not pregnant. Sigh.

My new symptoms for the past week or so has been ligament stretching. It's sort of a cramp/pulling feeling that lasts about a second. I have them on and off for hours at a time. If I didn't know what it was it would be worrisome, but I know it's nothing to worry about.

I hope I sleep well tonight. I've been getting up to pee a lot. What is going to be like in August if I feel crappy already??


Sheryl said...

Growing a person takes a lot of energy. In August you're going to be very hot and very big but also very close to not having to share your body anymore!

Karen said...

Yah, except for the months of breastfeeding..... believe me, it is many many months before your body feels like it is entirely yours again!