Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I rode to work today, a last minute decision since I was planning to drive. But riding just seemed like a good idea. However, my road bike is getting more and more uncomfortable, and I didn't feel like riding it. I also haven't put slicks on any of my mountain bikes, so I just hopped on the other option. This:

Not exactly designed for a 25 mile round trip commute, but it turned out to be super fun. I did get a bit of chafing from the big seat, but that can be easily addressed. It takes longer to get to work, of course, but it's very relaxing and quite comfortable for everyone (me and b.t.) involved.


Karen said...

I love that bike so much. Any chance you can fit it with a baby seat or bike trailer for when I'm there in September????

Anonymous said...

Did you wear the clown hat you had on when you won it?

little b said...

We should have a Chariot with bike attachment, so of course, you can use it in September. B.T. will still be too small for it, so you and Hope can cruise around instead while we walk slowly behind.