Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Doctor visit

Kate had her two month check up and first round of immunizations today. Graeme and I had a bet about her chubbiness. I said she would be at least 95th percentile for weight. He thought that was too high, and guessed 85%. I rock. Our little chubster is 97th percentile for weight, 90 for height and 25 for head size. Yup, she's a Weeble.

The doctor said she's doing great. Her neck muscles are unbalanced - one side being tight. She does tend to tip to one side (look at pictures on the blog. She tends to lean left.). We were given some stretches to do with her to strenghthen it, and she needs more tummy time. She isn't a huge fan of tummy time, but we'll work on doing it more.

She is pretty fussy now, probably from the shots. They gave us some Children's Tylenol, so if it's bad tonight we can give her some to ease her aches. Poor wee one.

Still, I think the whole thing was harder on me than on her.


Randy, Jennifer and Emily Harris said...

The worst part is having to hold your baby's arms and legs while they give the shots. Makes me want to cry every single time.

Jannie said...

If photos are 'proof' - precious Kate comes by her chubbiness honestly! BOTH of you were chubsters 'par excellence'. Hard to believe - I know, but true.
I can't wait to HOLD her again!!