Saturday, October 20, 2007

Two months

Dear Kate,
Two months! It's been a big month of changes for you, but I guess that's to be expected when it's 50% of your life so far. You have been sleeping well this past week, from midnight until the just before sun up for three nights. It started after we started having you sleep in your crib, and I'm not sure if they are related or not, but whatever the reason, I love it.

You're getting stronger, and can hold your head up quite well. We're still waiting for the smiles though. You do smile at us sometimes, but we aren't positive that you're smiling at us, or if you're smiling because you just had a great fart. And you're a champion farter.

You still have your witching hour every night from around 9 until midnight. You are often inconsolable, and we pace around the house with you, often resorting to walks around the neighbourhood.

You continue to get bigger - big for your age, although we won't have that confirmed until your check up this coming week. But you're certainly bigger than other babies we see out around town, even those quite a bit older than you. But we looooove fat babies.

You are the light of our lives. We can still just watch you sleep, and you've totally charmed your Aunt Erika who has been visiting. You are a very cute baby, and we're not at all biased.


Austin's Grandma J said...

Kate is a doll, Beth, and oh so healthy looking. Mama's milk is definitely agreeing with her. She is just one happy Texas gal.

Karen said...

I think she actually has baby boobs. Way to go, Kate!