Monday, October 15, 2007

8 weeks

Kate is eight weeks old today, and boy has she been grumpy about it. It's been a grumpy, grumpy day. She was awake much of the day, with only very short naps, rather than a very long one as she often does (along with a few cat naps). My gut has felt a bit off today, which makes me think that Kate is feeling similarily yucky.

Erika arrived today for a week long visit. I'm hoping that Kate is feeling better tomorrow. She didn't get to see how great Kate can be today. We're all hoping tomorrow is better. Hell, I'm hoping tonight is better.


Jannie said...

You did send the much anticipated '2 mo.' photo as requested -
but could you pls try again. This one is 'funny' (not) - but not cute. Oma would like a 'good' picture to accompany the current one.
I know she is capable of it!
BIG HUGS ALL 'ROUND to four of my favourite people. Happy Birthday Kate!!

little b said...

Two months isn't actually until Saturday - the 20th. I'll post a few pictures for that.

Karen said...

What a little pumpkin! even if she is a grouchy pumpkin.

Hang in there betharooni.

Sheryl said...

She's going to LOVE that picture when she's older ;-)

It get easier, you're doing great!