Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Six weeks

We had our six week check up today. Everything was great. They were impressed with her pudginess. Any bets on how much the chunktastic Kate weighs? Post in the comments. I'll post the number tomorrow. (If I told you already, you're not allowed to guess.)


Austin's Grandma J said...

I would just guess around 8 and a half lbs.
Am I close?

little b said...

More than 8 and a half. She was 7 at birth, and 8 at two weeks.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... sounds like she's following in the path of her once chunksta' mommy! (Didn't I hear that you were a large baby?) Hmm... six weeks now, 8 lbs at 2 weeks... I'm going for 12 lbs! (is like like wheel of fortune where it's the closest number without going over?) HECK... who cares... she's CUTE!

jonathan said...


Anonymous said...

Given Kate's obvious call for pie in this photograph, I am going to say she weighs "3π". Speaking of pi(e), a Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian peeps.

-- Uncle John

scribblefish said...

Let's see, I think Selah gained around 3 lbs a month back then, so I will guess 11!