Friday, October 5, 2007

She's so cute when she's sleeping

It's been a rough day. Kate has been very clingy and very fussy. She is finally now asleep, but I have had to carry her most of the day and deal with screaming that the boob could not quiet. I'm working on preparing part of Thanksgiving dinner, and doing that with a screaming infant is less than relaxing. Tomorrow we're getting batteries for the bouncy chair. I have high hopes. High hopes.


Karen said...

I'm really sorry it's rough right now. I wish I was there to help. It will get better. I found at two months, things got a lot better - much less crying.

Austin's Grandma J said...

you might also borrow a swing, Beth, just to see if she tolerates it before you jump off and buy one. Kelly never knew the world stood still til he was 4 months old and that one was one I had to WIND!
The vibrator chair should help some too...Austin liked his and slept in it often. Good luck.