Sunday, October 14, 2007


Tomorrow morning, Erika arrives for a visit and begins over a month of nearly continuous visitors. There is a week without visitors in there, but during that time we will be travelling to Toronto for Rebecca's wedding. Right now, the sleeping arrangments around here are Kate and I in the master bedroom, and Graeme sleeping soundly in the spare room (which is also Kate's room). Before Graeme moved into the spare room when Kate was about three weeks old, we all squeezed into the bed, which worked fine. But now Kate is bigger and it would be a bit cramped. So, in the interest of sleep and comfort, today we moved her crib into our room. We also brought the glider rocker and ottoman so we have a little nursing station set up (usually I just sit up in bed to nurse her during the night).

We'll keep the crib in our room at least through the month of visitors, and it will act as a good transition to get her to sleeping in her own room sometime after that. We'll try out the new arrangment tomorrow night and let you know how it goes.


Karen said...

That sounds like a good solution. I think your back will thank you for the glider rocker too.

Jannie said...

It seems that today is THE transition day into a new
phase. 'Like it or not, You will be caught!' That is
how it is with 'growing up'. "Growing up, isn't easy
at all, ... not for anyone.!!"
The new arrangement sounds excellent indeed!
How I wish I could also be there - I'd share the bed with Erika!