Friday, October 12, 2007

So many things

The problem with not posting for a few days is that there are a bunch of things that I was planning to post about, but now I've forgotten most of them. It's been a pretty busy week, so I'll see if I can remember.

Kate: She has been sleeping great at night, with 4 hour stretches of sleep between feedings. This makes my life much nicer, since I only have one middle of the night feeding, which even if I'm up until midnight isn't so bad. She also broke her routine of the witching hour the other night and slept between 9 and midnight. It was only one night though, she was back to her cranky ways last night. Yesterday she was so great - awake and alert and very cheerful for much of the day. Today she's been sleeping for a long stretch, allowing me to get a bunch of things done (see next paragraph). I'm hoping we're heading over the hump that people report at the two month mark. I've heard a lot of things get better and easier after that.

Me: I got new glasses! My glasses broke months ago, so I've been living just with contacts. It's so nice to have glasses again.

Westley: He's doing much better. He's learning what makes him hurt, and avoiding it. He hasn't had any pain meds today and seems to be ok, although not as sprightly as last night. We'll continue to rake it easy through the weekend.

General life stuff: Since we got up early this morning to go to the records office, suddenly I had more time today. This afternoon, I straightened up the house, cleaned the bathroom (which was disgusting), and tackled the 'to do' pile, which has had things in it since DECEMBER. DECEMBER. I was totally avoiding things in the pile, and it's so good to have them handled. I sent more time worrying about not having done it, than it took to actually do it. Silly me.


sheryl said...

I saw Kate earlier this week and she looks even bigger in these pictures. Beth, if she doesn't slow down soon she's going to be bigger than you!

Karen said...

I can't get over the cheeks!