Saturday, January 5, 2008

A good Saturday

We've had a mellow day. Kate had a long nap this morning (after resisting and being cranky for an hour) and then we went to the dog park. She's having her (late) afternoon nap now.

At the dog park today, people finally knew she was a girl. Perhaps because of the outfit Oma sent her for Christmas. Usually she's in very gender neutral clothes and people assume she's a boy. Not today.

She loves loves loves monitors and will track a window being moved on the screen. She's helping her dad finish a grant proposal:

She's also working on sitting. She does great propped up, but if you put her on the bed and let go, she's tips right over and then has a surprised look on her face. I can do it over and over and laugh every time. Her tolerance seems to run out after 4 or 5 tips though.


Karen said...

Hey, I found the little jacket that goes with that white and maroon shirt she's wearing. It's a nice thin little hoodie. Do you want me to mail it to you? I have something else to mail too so it wouldn't be any trouble.

little b said...

Sure, send it down. I like that outfit and it will fit for awhile yet. Unlike some 6-9 month outfits that might fit for few more weeks only.

I have things to send to you too. I'll get them sent this week.