Sunday, January 20, 2008

Three years

Today is the three year anniversary of my Mum's death. I've been trying to compose a post for today, and I nothing seems quite right. I am spending the day remembering her, although I remember her, and miss her, everyday. But I'm doing things that she would do - making chelsea buns, drinking lots of tea, spending time with Kate. I will give chelsea buns to our neighbours, which is something she used to do all the time. She was so generous, and although she called herself a skeptic, saying that she assumed the worst of people so she wouldn't be disappointed, that wasn't true. She expected a lot of people, and could see the good in nearly everyone.

She was the best mother I can imagine. I hope I do half as well.

I miss you, Mum. A blog post can't possibly express it.

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Jonathan said...

I hope you can find comfort this day that the best of your Mum lives on in you.