Thursday, January 24, 2008

What's cooking Wednesday

I really pulled out the big guns this time. Souffle. Souffle (I don't know how to get the accent on the e) has a reputation of being difficult, but it's not really. It is impressive though, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. They are a little bit time consuming, taking about 45 minutes to put together and then 45 minutes to bake. The directions seem involved, but if you know how to make bechamel sauce, then it's pretty straight forward. I'm not going to type them all out though, too much work.

The souffle I made was bacon, spinach and guyere. It was yum yum yummy.

Here is how to do it: Make a bechamel sauce with butter, flour and milk. It's nice to soften onions in the butter for awhile before adding the flour and then the milk. Once it's thick and smooth, remove from heat and stir in, one at a time, egg yokes. stir stir stir, and then cool the whole thing. While I was making the bechamel, I also cooked the bacon and wilted the spinach. Then you beat the egg whites until stiff and fold them with the cheese into the cooled egg yoke mixture.

Pour into souffle dish and cook. I cooked it the time suggested in the recipe, but it turned out to not be done in the center, so we scooped off the cooked yummy top part and popped it back in for another 10 or so minutes. Perfect. I'll adjust the cooking time for the next souffle adventure.


Anonymous said...

That's impressive.

Matt and Heather said...

That's awesome. I'm definitely going to try that one, but with soy bacon of course! I got obsessed with making souffles after I read something Joan Didion wrote about making them with her friends in California when she was younger. I like Mollie Katzen's apple, cheddar, and walnut souffle from the enchanted broccoli forest. We should definitely have souffle day sometime!

Karen said...

I love your souffle dish. I want one of those. Then I'll have to make a souffle.