Saturday, April 21, 2007

19 weeks

It's true what they say about the second trimester. I've been feeling great. Lots of energy, fewer side effects/symptoms, and I'm actually enjoying being pregnant. I feel her move every day and it's starting to make me think of the things we need to get done before she arrives. And things we need - all these little things like a thermometer, a nose sucker-thingy, baby washclothes and soap, baby sunscreen and diaper cream... it seems endless.

The midwife appointment on Wednesday morning shows that I'm doing great, and the U/S showed that she is doing great. My blood pressure is fantastic, 90/64 and I've gained about 10 lbs so far. She weighs almost a pound, by U/S estimates. It's crazy to think that in the first half of this gestation she has gotten to 1 lb, and in the second half she needs to gain 7 more! That means I'm going to get a lot bigger. My belly seems bigger than it is in pictures:

Sharon, Nick and Selah, friends from Seattle, will be visiting later this week. That means cleaning up the spare room for them. It also means that Selah needs a place to sleep, which means I get to assemble the crib. Yay! I'm a bit overly excited about that. It all seems more real now that we know she is a she, and now that I feel her moving, but a crib in the house. That's just crazy.

This week, #19, here is what is happening.
- She has the same awake and sleep patterns of a newborn. She has a favorite position for sleep and recognizable active and rest periods.
- Nerves are being coated with a fatty substance called myelin, which insulates the nerves so that impulses can flow smoothly.
- Scalp hair becomes apparent this week. It has sprouted and continues to grow.
- The milk teeth buds have already developed and over the next few days the buds for the permanent teeth will begin to form behind the milk teeth.
- The uterus starts to develop. The vagina, uterus, and fallopian tubes are in place.
-She is swallowing amniotic fluid and his or her kidneys are making urine.
- size is around 6.02 inches (15.3cm).


Sheryl said...

There's this thing we do called a "baby shower" where you get to go select what you want and other people buy it for you. Trust me, it works great! And then you get to open up presents and all kinds of things, woo hoo. So don't go nuts until after the shower, you'll be amazed at all the crap you'll get :-)

Oh, and that little belly looks more like a baby belly in real life. But only 10 lbs, you bitch :-)

fatwonkkid said...

so when you take these pictures are you pushing your stomach out, because it looks you are really arching your back.