Sunday, April 22, 2007

A future cyclist?

Baby Texan is getting strong with her kicks the last few days. This morning as I was lying in bed wishing I could sleep longer, ignoring the whiny dog on the other side of the door and thinking about the list of things to do today, I was doing as I often do now when I first wake up which is checking on Baby Texan. She was head down (she is often crossways in the morning, which I'm sort of guessing about based on the shape of the bulge, which can vary quite a bit) and there was, I think, an arm sticking out to the right. Up at the top, around my naval, she was kicking and moving like she was trying to escape. She does this most mornings, and each day is getting stronger. I think that if I had looked down, I would have seen bulges coming and going. This is super exciting because Graeme hasn't felt her move yet, but I thnk she's getting strong enough that he'll feel her in the next few days.

Some would speculate that she'll be a runner or soccer player. But I know the truth. She's working on her spin.

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