Thursday, April 26, 2007

Half way!

20 weeks! Now the countdown at the bottom of the blog has less weeks remaining than have occured. yay! Belly pics coming soon. I still don't look obviously pregnant if you don't know me - I'm at the stage where people are afraid to ask. But I noticed yesterday that when I look down, I can't see my feet.

This week:
- The heart grows stronger.
- Legs are reaching their relative size. With the increase muscle develop occurring as well, kicks will get stronger.
- Immunities are being transferred from you to your baby now.
- The nerve cells for taste, smell, hearing, seeing, and touch are now developing in specialized areas of the brain. Production slows down as existing nerve cells grow larger and make more complex connections.
- She may startle in reaction to loud sounds. She can actually hear noises outside of the uterus.
- She is about 6.46 inches (16.4cm) and weighs around 10.58 ounces (300g). (Don't forget, she was actually about a pound a week ago. Everything is bigger in Texas)

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