Thursday, April 12, 2007

What's cooking Wednesday

Nothing. Again. I had plans though, I really did. We got a few selections from the Soup Peddler - Zimbabwe Peanut Stew and Coq au Vin. The plan was to have the chicken. I was going to do something potato-ish on the side with a salad. But, after riding home from work, cleaning up the yard, mowing the lawn and walking the dog, and then finding that the potatoes in the fridge were bad, it all fell apart. Graeme cooked himself periogies, and I had mac&cheese (but it was the good Annie's shells and white cheddar). I did manage to cook a pot of rice to have with the peanut stew for lunch today.

Sheryl and Jonathan are coming over for dinner tonight, so I'm planning to make the Rockin' Moroccan stew that Karen posted a few weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I made the Moroccan stew a few weeks ago, and it is REALLY GOOD. We had it with Mahatma saffron rice, which I HIGHLY recommend.

Jen Harris

fatwonkkid said...

annie's is rather tasty. plus i like the bunny on the box