Saturday, August 25, 2007

Day 5

We had a great, lazy start to the day and didn't actually leave the bed/bedroom until after 1 pm. I'm hoping we'll do the same thing tomorrow. We did two excursions later in the day though, which was a bit too much for me. I think it was the heat, or just too late in the day, but when we got home from the dog park, I totally crashed and slept for awhile. I'll try to manage myself better tomorrow. We have a bit to do to get ready for Karen and Hope's arrival on Monday night, but I'll stretch it out over the two days.

Kate has been eating erratically. She sort of alternates good feedings with lazy feedings. She ate very frequently last night, which probably contributed to my energy meltdown this afternoon. She gets more alert during her waking times, and she's getting stronger by the day.


sheryl said...

Look at that little papoose! I love seeing the pictures :-)

ada said...

are you already finding interesting likenesses of your families in kate's face? she's so sweet!

Matt and Heather said...

wow, she already looks different from when I saw her on Friday! amazing. i hope you're resting and taking care of yourself. and eating for three. - heather