Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day three

It was a good day. We did have an appointment, for the third day in a row. I'm looking forward to not having anywhere to go tomorrow. The appointment was a midwife check up for both of us. We're both doing well, as we already knew. They were happy to see the swelling on Kate's head has gotten a lot better. My tear is healing great, although my blood pressure was a bit high.

The highlight of the day was food delivery! Matt brought us food, as did a woman from the Austin Mamas list. We will have food through the weekend, which is totally brilliant.

Kate was eating well through most of the day, but started to slack off a bit early evening. I expect I'll be feeding her frequently tonight. Another exciting event was the start of cloth diapering. We were using disposbles the first few days until the meuconium ended. So, now it's cloth. I was a bit appalled at the number of dirty disposible diapers we moved into the garbage from the diaper pail today. And that was only a few days.

Some pictures from today:


Shan said...

Oh she is so adorable. Congratulations!

Karen said...

I can't wait to meet her! Wait, I've already said that... still true though!

Jannie said...

This child is gorgeous!!!
Absolutely gorgeous and irresistably beautiful.
Words just can't say it.
Am I excited to see and hold her or what!!
Sept 10th can't come soon enought.