Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nearly 36 weeks

The promised belly pic. I kept disagreeing when people said that my belly had grown a lot recently. But now that I see the picture, it's totally true. I now look like I'm nearing full term, which I am. I had a midwife appointment today, and the measurement confirmed the growth spurt. Today I was measuring a bit more than a week ahead. She also thought that the baby was starting to drop. Definitely heading towards the finish!

Graeme bought me this shirt the other day:

I love it.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! YOU"RE HUUUUGEE! THat's AWESOME!!! (and yes... I like the shirt... way to go Wafe... gotta get involved (c; tee hee)

sheryl said...

That header looks somewhat familiar... thank God we're in Texas, not Utah.

And yes, the belly is big. It looks great though :-)

Karen said...

Wow. You is a round mama.