Friday, August 17, 2007


I had to go to Walmart today. I hate Walmart. I had to get something from them last spring for Primal Quest, and before that it had been years and years since I'd had to set foot in one. But it came down to that. Why, you may ask? Because Target failed me. And Babies R Us before that. Grrr.

I know you can get basic, cheap stuff (I was looking for a diaper pail and one of those back seat mirrors so we can see her in her rear facing car seat) but Target and BRU only had fancy, annoying ones when I know that there are simple ones somewhere out there. It came down to Walmart. It's a sad day.

(They did have what I was looking for though)

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Austin's Grandma J said...

Guess that trip to Walmart was enough to bring on Baby T...just read Karen's post and saw where she had arrived on Monday night. Congratulations to you all! Glad all is well. Can we now refer to her as Baby Kate? Called J and K this morning to alert them to the news. I am sure you wil be hearing from them soon.
Looking forward to pictures!