Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Telluride pictures

I finally downloaded the Telluride photos from the camera.

In town is the gondola station, which takes you up over the ski hill and down to Mountain Village, which is the resort. You can get off at the top, or continue to the village. The gondola is free and runs every day from 7 am til midnight. It may be the coolest public transportation ever.

On Tuesday, after finishing the Harry Potter book, I got a late start and headed up to the ski hill to do a hike. Graeme and I had hiked the day before (and hadn't taken the camera) and I'd felt good, so I decided to do something a little longer. Here is the view from the top of the ski hill, looking down at town:

My plan was to do a loop of a hiking/biking trail that went down the back side of the mountain. I would come out on a road, turn left and hit another trail to bring me back up to the top and the gondola. The trail was really nice, although the whole time I was wishing I could ride it instead, since it had great flow and was perfect mountain singletrack. I even saw two people riding it on Bike Friday folding bikes. I was sure if someone would ride it with a folding bike, I could ride it 7.5 months pregnant!

I came out to the road, and I did have a bit of a sore spot on my belly (which turned out to be the pulled muscle. Ooops. I guess riding wouldn't have been a good idea after all). I did feel ok though, and I was debating whether to do the intended loop, or head on a shorter way down to Mountain Village to get the gondola. Since I'd gotten a late start, I knew the afternoon thunderstorms would likely catch up to me. It had already sprinkled a bit. Looking at the sky, I decided the short loop was a wiser decision. Here is the sky as I reached the village. It started raining on the gondola ride back to Telluride.

On Wednesday, I sat on my ass all day because of the pulled muscle. Thursday, I convinced Graeme to play hooky for part of the day, and we hiked a very short (but steep) trail up to Cornet Falls. It was a perfect lunch time hike:

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