Thursday, August 16, 2007

Week 36

Less than a month til due date. The weekly report on what is going on with Baby Texan is super boring now. It says things like - lungs are the only thing not fully developed, body fat is increasing (on her, not me. although, maybe me too), keeps growing, etc. etc. Super boring. It's the waiting game now. I'm not impatient yet, although I'm guessing I will as soon as that date on the calendar passes.

I did some 'nesting' today. That phrase drives me crazy. Cleaning and organizing while pregnant suddenly has the term attached to it. I do know that you often get a burst of energy just a day or two before labour starts, and that's what I consider nesting. At this point, it's just cleaning and organizing. I'm home, and there are things to do. Today I cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms, and organized the places that accumulate stuff. You know what I mean - the dumping grounds for things that don't have places to live. There are three of them, and they are all now clean. And I have a To Do pile for tomorrow. Thank you cards, airline credits, etc.

I just posted a photo two days ago, so you're going to have to wait a few more days for another.


Anonymous said...

Is that really you below in the photos? The headless belly shots could be of anyone. You look awesome.
Francine - Washington

fatwonkkid said...

cleaning + pregnant = nesting?

Thats funny. If that is the case, does

constipated + pregnant = Lamaze practice?